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WHTA Practitioners - Application for Listing
To be eligible for listing on the WHTA Practitioner Locator site, practitioners must fulfil ALL of the following criteria:
  1. Be Currently Registered as Physiotherapists with their respective Registration Board (AUST or NZ)
  2. Be Current Paid Members of WHTA
  3. Have attended at least 1 x WHTA paid face-face-course in the last 5 years (Free PD Days not incl.)
  4. Have attended at least 2hrs WHTA training in the last 12months (webinar or face-to-face) - this is not required for Premium members (See below)
Note regarding Premium Members
Premium Members are those who have completed at least 3 out of the 4 primary Advanced Pelvic Floor Courses run by WHTA. These include:
 - Advanced Pelvic Floor: Prolapse and Stress Incontinence
 - Advanced Pelvic Floor: Overactive Bladder
 - Advanced Pelvic Floor: Bowel Disorders
 - Advanced Pelvic Floor: Genitourinary and Anorectal Pain Disorders  

These physiotherapists have lifetime eligibility to be listed on the WHTA practitioner listing and are not required to have completed 2hrs training with WHTA in the last 12months to be eligible for listing

Note: A separate form must be completed for each CLINIC LOCATION
Please select the type of Application:
Updating an Existing Listing
New Listing
Name of Physiotherapist(s)
Are all Physiotherapists Listed above WHTA Members?
No (not eligible to apply)
Business Name of Clinic
Post Code of Clinic (COMPULSORY FIELD)
Suburb of Clinic
Address of Clinic
Email Address of Clinic
Phone Number of Clinic (include area code)
Other Phone (only include phone numbers you are consenting to be made public)
Website of Clinic
Is this a public or private service?
Is a doctor's referral required?
WHTA Courses
Physiotherapists must have completed at least one of the following courses for the clinic to be eligible for listing.
Please select ALL face-to-face courses the above listed physiotherapist has completed
WHTA 5 Day Introductory Women's Health
WHTA 3 Day Introductory Pelvic Floor
WHTA 2 Day Introductory Maternity Ward Physio
WHTA Adv PF - Bowel Dysfunction
WHTA Adv PF - Overactive Bladder
WHTA Adv PF - Pain Disorders
WHTA Adv PF - Postnatal Woman
WHTA Adv PF - Objective Testing
WHTA Adv PF - MS, Exercise and Sport
WHTA Adv PF - Predictive Pelvic Floor
WHTA Adv PF - Comorbidities (diabetes, stroke etc)
Please tick all the webinars the physiotherapist has completed
Sex, Lies and Suburethral Tape
Assessment for Return to Exercise
Advanced Bladder Anatomy
Advanced Bladder Diary Analysis
Bladder Dysfunction in Diabetes Mellitus
Anorectal Muscular Anatomy
Pathophysiology of Faecal Incontinence
Predicting OASIS and Faecal Incontinence
Evidence of Recent Education with WHTA
Please list the Name and Date of a Course (face-face or webinar) you have attended with WHTA in the last 12 months (not required for physiotherapists who have completed at least 3 ADVANCED face-to-face courses).
Which of the following assessments / services do you offer?
Digital Vaginal Examination
Manometry - Peritron
EMG - Vaginal
RTUS - Abdominal
RTUS - Transperineal
Levator Hiatus / GH + PB Measures
Vaginal E-stim
Pessaries (for Prolapse and SUI)
Pilates: One-on-One
Pilates: Small Group Individualised
Pilates: Large Group