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WHTA Member Clinical Support
FREE Support for Clinical Cases - 4 x 15min Phone Consults per annum (WHTA Members Only)
Included in the annual WHTA Membership Fee is provision for up to four 15min clinical support sessions by phone. These are only valid for the year of membership. Unused sessions cannot be carried over to subsequent years.

It has come to our attention that the old system for booking online support calls has developed some technical issues such that we have not been receiving notification of bookings for support calls. Please accept our sincerest apologies if your call was not provided.

As a result we are temporarily changing the booking system until we can resolved the issue.


1.  Send an email directly to Taryn at   taryn@whta.com.au

2.  Please put in the Subject Heading of the Email:    "SUPPORT CALL BOOKING"

3.  In the main part of your email please write your NAME and your MOBILE NUMBER

4.  Please list THREE OPTIONS  from the following list for time you would like the support call

Monday        6 am     6.30am   8.45am     9.15am     9.30am       10.45am                       5.45pm
Tuesday       6am      6.30am   8.15am     9.00am                                                             5.30pm
Wednesday  6am      6.30am                    9.00am     9.30am                                            5.00pm
Thursday                   6.30am                                                        12.45pm     1.05pm      6.30pm
Friday                                       8.45am                                                                              6.30pm
Saturday                                  8.15am                                                             1.05pm

Please note: appointments between 8.15am and 9.30am are not available on teaching days (these can be checked by looking at the WHTA course calendar).

If none of these times suit, please send the approximate time you would like a call and also the day and time of your patients next appointment and Taryn will try to organise with you a mutual time before.

We apologise again for the issues sustained with the previous system and hope this will sort things temporarily until we can organise an alternate booking system.